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Wednesday, September 28, 2005



amchi bombay (yes i refuse to call it mumbai) has quiet a few of em ghatis... though not as many as a non-bombayite would expect in maharashtra's capital. and thank god for that. not tht i have anything agaisnt them. they are a basic-simple lot. interestingly, a few months ago, while driving back from town, with a friend- i wondered if there were any hep maharashtrians. we thought for a good one and a half hours. cam e up wit h two names (with great difficulty). milind soman and shobha de. couldnt come up with a third name. we remembered this many weeks later. still, we couldnt come up with any more names....

you are right, cant think of anyone!
Gavaskar .. utter hepness. Madhuri Dixit. And half of oneself.
*jaw dropping open* Kya re - tere ko kuch aur nahin mila likhno ko kya, ek dum snob ka snob rahega tu! ;-)

Seriously though, does it make such a difference if a person aint hep - what good knowing a hep person who's just gonna wipe his/her dirty shoes off you like you are a door-mat? Huh?
the one- kind of, yes...

geetanjali- huh? kuch bhi?
Urmila Matondkar (post-move-to-Bandra)

P.S. Gavaskar ain't no ghaati, he's Goan.
um.... Madhu Sapre?


Ok there's no one else... oh wait, ME!!! There's me... No, I'm not a full ghaati. Sheh.

Nope. None. Sigh.
dude i agree wit geets but anyways there are tons of "hep" maharashtrians in bbay. half the populace in bollywood and entertainment industry is filled wit mahrashtrians.
vikster- urmila who? and bandra is hardly claim to fame!

phal- ya rite!

aparna- bollywood? hep? hah!
I asked around...and I got ...hang on....the Mangeshkar sisters!! (AAARRGGHH!)

(Token ghaati at work says " But they are too good na in singing". I take a deep breath and explain concept of hep-ness to him)
aditi gowitrikar...aka mrs world(20**)...
vikster- concept of hepness to ghatis (read: lost cause). genes mein hee nahin hai re (with the twang)

anonymous- hardly! not with those geen eyes, the accent and the red makeup. noooooooooooo.
Aristera hasn't said anything new in three days! *Faints in shock*
*Revives a few minutes later*
Shall post my update on the trip soon. Looking forward to your version of the trip :-)
geetanjali- shall oblige!
yeah, i was just thinking i can always count on you for a new and interesting post, and there you are, dancing the night away!!! hmph!!!!

hawaiian shack indeed.
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Shoba De and Maharastrian.......Please give me a break. She's a bong. A typical Bong!!! Aditi Gowitrikar is orginally from Panvel, which is Navi Mumbai not Bombay:-) She is a hep now but wasnt earlier. I have her old time pics with braces and long tied up hairs.
Madhu Sapre
Milind Soman
Madhuri Dixit
Urmila Matondkar
Namrata Shirodkar
Shilpa Shirodkar
Shobha De (née Rajadhyaksha - yes she's a full ghaati)
Kajol (half ghaati)
Antara Mali?
Isha Koppikar

... and tons of behind-the-scenes celebrities like
Atul Kasbekar (photographer)
Rahul & Malini Akerkar (owners of Indigo)

... and of course ... moi :)

So just because we don't have a 'Ghaati Association" to engage in self-promotion, doesn't mean we're not out there :P
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