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Saturday, September 24, 2005


fever, foul mood, work

got wet in the rain. ac rooms. beer. fell sick. viral. took anti boitics. love them. swear i do. yes, they fuck up your insides. but what doesnt, these days. am bugged with everynoe these days. too much ridiculous work pressure. people give it too much importance!! for god sake, if i am not well, i am not well. i cant work. and i aint no doc!!! so u wont die if i dont work!!!!

Get well soon!
Sick he was. And grouchy too. Makes a bad patient I tell you. And now he's hopping 5 star hotels.

PS Baccha, pop some of those chill-pills and shut them pesky clients out! Next time tell them that if they have no class and must go to someone else for some, then they should also respect his need to rejuvenate those aesthetic senses ;-)
august- thanks

geetanjali- bullseye!
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