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Thursday, September 08, 2005


deja vu

here's something i read a long time back on a web page (i dont wana disclose it), and it struck a chord, it felt like it was me, it was deja vu....
there exists a place.... between reality and fantasy… where i rest my soul...for traversing
the streets of reality is exhausting...and walking the paths of fantasy requires imagination....
i lack neither ...strength nor creativity...but there are times...when i must escape...residing in the world i call solitude.... where i m alone and a "lover of myself"

Nice. It does strike a chord.

(get rid of that huge block of space below the text - marrs the flow of the page...)
I googled "traversing the streets of reality". Works. Now I'm wondering why you do not want to disclose the page.

Lookin for more on Seth Watkins.

Very nice poem, though!
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