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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


bose krishnamachari and mallu art

jehangir and museum gallery. interesting evening. zoo like. so many people. lots of people i know. g (art critic) and m(social worker) and gop (collector) and dr. p (aesthete), r (artist), t (photoartist), a.r (collector) and many other familiar faces. nice. the wine wasnt dry tho. spent a good hour at the gallery. saw so new artists works. nice. all keralite. besides the usual justin poonmany, jutish kallat, baiju parthan, bose krishnamachari, kg subramanium.... loads of others...more on them later, i guess. then headed off to alfredo's for pizza and beer. loads of both. nice.

hmmm.. wud u believe i'm still at de office? writing dis at 11. 40 pm. :(
Sipping wine, discussing the nitty-gritties of them paintings, looking down that nose at us ignorant philistines eh? So when do we see your face on Page 3 or Zoom? ;-)

Fun. Been a while since I had any experience of that...this weekend. That's a promise to myself!
You've been tagged
You've been tagged
Very interesting evening. The pizza and beer must have been the high point.

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