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Sunday, September 18, 2005


Bonhomie and some

Was caught in a bit of traffic last evening. Ganesh visarjan. Camr back from town. Took me about 20 minutes longer than usual. Not bad at all. Infact it was a visual treat. The noise, the camaraderie, the sheer enthusiam, the women in their best nav-varis, the colours, the kids having he time of their lives. Vibrant. There is something about it all. Something nice. Rich. Makes me a happy bombayite. Next year I promise myself I will go to chowpati. Pucca. To all the cynics of the city (who pathetically compare the festivities to pujo…blah!)… parat zaava gavala!

I think I have grown old. All of a sudden. The crazy urge to party, drink away to glory is just not there. I wana just be at home. Read. Am reading a crazy lot right now. Yantra iconography, krishna as srinathji (nathadwara school of painting), umberto eco on beauty, a srilankan author karen roberts (the flower boy), oscar wilde (delightful). Whew! But I keep cancelling plans to meet friends. Recluse! I finish work and crave to get back home. Made an exception on Friday night. Met up with a dear friend (quaint term, yes) at lemon grass. Love the place. Awesome food, awesome ambience, nice crowd. And cheap. Love it. Then after dinner (early dinner….we finished by bout 10pm) we head to zenzi. Its funny to run into someone at zenzi everytime you go there. Sat at the bar. Soaked in the sights (letched)…I had a nice martini….dry. cant decide whati like better…the drink or the olives….hahah. came home and went to bed. 11.45pm. any other night and I would have made a few calls to friends in bandra and would have to the shack or toto’s or seijo or some such.

Found a funny quote by oscar wilde on art:
“… the great superiority of france over england is that in france every bourgeois want to be and artist, where as in england every artist wants to be a bourgeois

"those were the days, my friend,"
we thought they'd never end...!"
Half the experience of a martini is in the olives!

Now even our reclusive friend has gone to Zenzi and I have only heard abt it...*sulks*

Btw there's no city in India that can plan like BBay....Pune faced riots on visarjan day, when ppl went out of's sad though that all this happens in the name of God...

Disconnected I am...excuse please
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