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Thursday, September 08, 2005


the bith of champa bavdi

interestingly, i stumbled upon this email i wrote long time back to my friend geetanjali ( about toying with the idea of writing a story...the now "champa bavdi". i think it was a a self indulgent but funny mail....
geeta (i see u frownin i m suprised tht u like literary criticism, tht too so amateurish.i thot u wud be like...glad this guy is really goin overboard, now even his friends ka stuff i hv to read...hehe.oh but i m glad u like it. and did u really like mirage's story? he wrote it for some compitition at his univ....its so diff frm wut i write (not the thinkin, but the style) but i really liked it...wanted to c how u found it.and na i m coinin wid this idea of a story....short one,but somethings really dont make sense to me. the sub is not something clear, more abstract, moves frm one thing to anorther, touches a lot of issues n non issues....but the prob is, it will b a bit indian. now wut i feel is , why am i writing in this distinct indian style, when my way of thinkin isnt in, is there a new genre of ppl in india writing in part indian part diasporic fashion...malgudi days kinda inclinations, i m showing...funny na? i mean y am i takin up a rural setup? its not me, surely. but cud it b tht i m so impressed by most indians writing in eng, choosing rural set ups? is it kind of in vogue?very very few indians writing in eng take up urban setups....jhumpa, and some new bongs. but its only lately....even rushdie sitting in hyde park writes bout damsels by the well, i wonder y....vernacular is in? i guess's wut i hv till now,.....the story is bout a tree....champa.but the backdrop is of humans....the tree is not the sutradhar, but a young girl is....things happen around the champa, people come n go, talk bout various things, thts how the story moves ahead.the girl keeps talkin to the tree...the tree hates the gurl tho....strange...the tree knows bout the nazis n the freedom struggle and aishwarya rai,...the tree loves i m having.maybe a bit of magic realism too.....marquez seems to influence me here, na? i hope so, atleast.

Well, now I am curious and want to read it. Are you going to post it here?
august - it's already on there. just scroll down. ;-)

aristera - hello dah-ling ;-) how ya doing? yes, de story is luvly. the coffee beans were a bit bitter, though. hehehe. prop-ah GB tone?
Gosh you still have that email? I had it save don my other embarassing account (that I shut down after you enlightened me on its possible connotations) adn no longer have those to pe-mobile days when you used to still write to me...
How had I responded?

(PS my blog is feeling neglected)
august- yes, like closetalk high says, its already posted. do scroll down.

closetalk- coffee beans are bitter. try em sometime.

geetanjali- yesi still have em mails. hehe. will stop by your blog next, promise.
Thanks for stoppin by my blog.....thats a nice story...
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