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Thursday, September 01, 2005


bhupen khakhar

The show at gallery chemould- bhupen among friends- a tribute to bhupen khakhar by friends- a show that makes me think. The multilayered works with a plethora of meanings and nuances in each layer. Few contemporary artists paint with such unpretentious and unguarded zeal. There is simplicity in his work that is so difficult to create, it is most ironical. His works deal with the prosaic and the real. Everything is stripped to its crudest and most basic. Perhaps it is time to question our ‘complex’ world. An attempt to simplify. Why do we emphasize so much on the complex? Priorities need re-evaluation. The child like zest is what I feel I am losing. It is so easy to grow up so fast. I think too much is happening too fast. To be the youngest teacher at a college. To teach the highest credits subject for the final year. To be the youngest (read: dumbest) student of my post-grad class . To set up my own practice so early in life. To much too soon. I feel like I am thrown out into space and don’t know what to do with myself. The gravity that I took for granted is missing. I am thankful for all the good. I complain about all the things I don’t have. All that I would trade for to get that one elusive wish fulfilled. But then its just me to not be happy with what I have. But then again, that is fine. All fine. There are bouts of self pity. May be they are too frequent to be bouts. But then I don’t know how qualifies as bouts in 24 hours. Does anyone?

hehehehe... BOUTS of self pity, u lil self indulgent PRICK?! there's only one question dat both u and i have on our lips... WHY ME?!

welcome to de blogormama of life.
well, aristera (WAT does dat mean?) dont agonise so much over it.

PS: when LIVINGhigh started out, i had this very template. simple and nice.

You gotta bwog!!!!! Welcome, welcome!!! *pops the cork, throws confetti in air, plays "he's a jowwy good fewwow on the pipe, tosses salt in air and runs round in circles*

My friend went to the opening. I went to Tao. My little social do. Heeeeee!!!!!

I'm so happy!!! *runs around in circles again*
hello aristera :-)
thank you for your compliments on my blog. at the risk of bein blunt, i'm gonna say you need to structure your thots a li'l bit. would make readin ur posts a lot more pleasurable - but it's a good start :-) welcome... (listen to me! like i'm some veteran..!)
closetalk- it is self indulgence. not so much the slef pity bit. some yes.

livinghigh- still tie to expound about what aristera means. i dont agonise over it one bit. and i know its a nice and simple template.
phal- thank you!

adit- hi. i am incapable of making my thots more structured. just not me. and its not always bout pleasure. readership is not what i seek conciously (at the risk of sounding very snooty).
oh look whose calling aristera a self-indulgent prick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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