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Saturday, September 03, 2005


bad books

everyone blogs of books they like. authors they like. how bout the ones you cant stand. havent read. will not read. have read and hated? here's my list... would like to hear others hatelist....

cant stand naipaul, rushdie, agatha Christie, amitav ghosh, rohinton mistry, mahasweta devi, Sylvia plath, yann martel/mitzel (booker winner for ‘life of pi’….ughs!), most Russians (Tolstoy, dostovsky, kafka). For ridiculous reasons (stuck up and affected that I can be) I refuse to read dan brown’s ‘masterpiece' (hah!). cant help but fall asleep if i read shelly, wordsworth, keats….

ah, oui monsieur!!! i know eggjactly what you mean... except, i really do like aggy. at least hercule poirot...
I agree with you on all except for Kafka, Rohinton Mistry and Ghosh and the poetry! Perhaps it's just the failings of being a Lit student as long as I have been. :)

Try Ghosh and Mistry - and I am sure that you may already have done - but they are among the 2.5 Indian writers in English worth their salt.
Kafka was a german! In my list, I must have Dickens, JD Salinger, almost all British female authors (Austen and Bronte sisters and all that there is!) plus all of your picks except Tolstoy and Dostoevsky.

-- Akshaya
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