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Sunday, September 04, 2005


arister, the etymology

Greek origin (but ofcourse…hehe) from which we get the word aristocrat. It means left or left handed (lefty, if you must). A deviation which is considered superior over the hackneyed. Yes, I am left handed. Superior …..hehe. naa! But it is interesting to note that the greeks would have such notions (one among many). Ask me! I am struggling with plato’s republic, socrates’ ideas on beauty. But one phrase which caught my facy is inscribed on a pillar of the temple at Delphi goes…”the most beautiful is the most just”.

Ok suggestion time -
1. This needs to go into the profile also!
2. Maybe next time you log on, you should look into the time settings of your blog - unless you are really that addicted that you're blogging at 9 am as well as 3 am!!!

hehe. noted!
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