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Sunday, September 25, 2005


the 55 words story i was tagged for

You died yesterday.
I wake up and wonder what to do with your pillow and your sheets.
I don’t need two towels, or two toothbrushes, or extra slippers, your books, your music, clothes, fragrances, words, sounds, smiles. I put them all in a paper bag and sling it out of the window.
Now what do I do with me?

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geetanjali- yes. but its awesome fun. and sorry, didnt mean to depress you. but u know my current mood.
Heyy.. good work. Short and powerful.

New on your blog.. came thru .:A:.
This 55 words thingy sure is interesting :)
Oooops I accidentally deleted my own comment...don't ask how I do such things! Anyways think I'd said something to this effect -

"Ohmigawd! C'est depressing, terriblement depressing! But yes, despite the mere 55 words it says alot...yet feels incomplete. Fun hai na, this little exercise of spinning snippets of stories?

PS My current mood demands togetherness and happy endings - and you throw this at me!?! ;-) "

Happy? :-) (you know what this last bit is for don't bother responding!)
very profound
too good!!!!!
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